International Counseling and Education Conference - ICEC 2013 First Call (2-4 May 2013)

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Dear colleague;

As you all know “The First International Counseling and Education Conference (ICEC)" was held on May 3rd-5th 2012, in Istanbul, Turkey . The Congress hosted leading names from the fields of Counseling and Education such as invited speakers Dr. Bradley T. Erford, president of the ACA and Dr. Richard E. Watts. In addition the congress hosted more than 400 participants from 38 different countries.

Upon the ACA President’s recommendation, the second International Counseling and Education Conference ( will be held on May, 2nd-4th 2013, in Istanbul, Turkey, under the co-sponsorship of ACA and with the participation of ACA President. Moreover, there will be some workshops that are more counseling skills-related (Dr. Bradley T. Erford, president of the ACA “35 Techniques Every Counselor Should Know”, Dr. Abbas Turnuklu, Conflict Resolution and Mediation).

We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul where the civilizations meet on 2nd-4th May, 2013.

Yours sincerely,


Dr. Ramazan ABACI

General Coordinator

The scope of ICE-C 2013 includes the following topics:
Educational Administration
Curriculum and Instruction
Early Childhood Education
Special Education
Educational Psychology
Educational Measurement and Evaluation
Higher Education
Religious Education
Public Education and Life Long Learning
Democracy and Human Rights Education
Health Education
Child Development and Education
Educational Sociology
Behavioral Counseling
Career Counseling
Family Counseling
Biblical Counseling
Existential Counseling
Genetic Counseling
Relationship Counseling

Mental Health Counseling
Online Counseling
Peer Counseling
School Counseling
Conflict Resolution
Stress Management
Clinical Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Experimental Psychology
Industrial and Organization Psychology
Traffic Psychology
Forensic Psychology
Psychometric Psychology
Sports Psychology
Educational Psychology
Media Psychology
Child and Adolescent
Adult and Elder Counseling
Marriage Counseling
School Counseling
Crisis and Risk Counseling
Rehabilitation Counseling


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