Flipmas Legowo


          Giving service to community is the element of Tri Dharma of Higher Education. Thus, either student or lecturer must know the anatomy of society with their suffer so that we understand how to alleviate poverty by economic role.
        FLipMAS (Iptek sevice forum for society) is a place to gather and activate the professional skill of service implementor to the academician in attaining civilization in Indonesia (NKRI). Flipmas obliges to map out the regional problems to synergize the academic skill of regional university. The way is combine and open the sociabled-academic access and expose the forum ability to the regional stakeholder toward exhibitions of IPTEK application journal. 
        On Friday, March 4 was a historic day for Flipmas Malang Raya which later was named Legowo. Legowo is used in accordance with the rooted-java culture in society which meant could accept reality with open hearth. Thus, it expected for the all member must be patient and wise person in facing diverse societies.
    The geographical and demographic condition in Malang Raya was support enough the creation of development progress totally, intergrated agribusiness, husbandry, tourism, and business center and small industry in Malang Raya. The result of collected data in Malang Raya could be used as a basis to develop programs synergistically in order to empower the economic of society; although it still needs the continuation analysis on whether agroecologically it includes as a main comodity and can be developed to be the main comodity.
    Based on those condition, it can be used as a basis to develop synergic programs by involving society, institution, and local government.
      The main problem of regional and national governance are the database of the lack of local potential, so that it still often made the lateness and failure of developing process. There is still difference local potential database between one department with others and it influenced toward the build up and implementation of development policy. 
      Generally, one of the serious problem faced by rural area is the limit of alternative job opportunity outside agricultural sector, so the increase of population would be followed by the increase of natural resource pressure. This condition became a challege to find special alternatives for rural development which able to fulfill the basic requirement for the whole rural population and to conservate the natural resource continually at once. 
       Based on those illustration can be concluded that the rural society was inadequate to manage technology and the natural resource that was indeed posibly to be manage. Moreover, the farmer did plant business by facing the effect of the uncertain season.


Flipmas Legowo


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