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Master Program Grant Research

               After being released by DP2M in 1994/1995 with the funding from World Bank, this program has been considered to be able supporting to improve skill and education quality of Master Programs in many universities, including finishing study on time.
       It is important to notice that research in Indonesia mainly has not touched science and frontier technologies. Whereas, the result of such kind of research can break through the dimensional world of the future such as in core physics form, outer space, information technologies, control and robotics, renewable material, and biotechnology. The invention of frontier science and technology is also hoped to be able spurring the industry development in Indonesia which is demanding for economic recovery acceleration.

      The objectives of Masters Program grant are: (1) producing new breaking through in basic science, technology, social science and culture for the future; (2) improving capacity and education quality of Masters Program; and (3) improving research quality in various universities in Indonesia until they are equal to international level universities. The expected outcomes are: (1) thesis and/or dissertation; (2) national/international publication; (3) the increasing number of Masters Program graduates; (4) Intellectual Property Right.

       Masters Program Grant Research is essentially covers all disciplines as long as it is conducted by researcher of multidisciplines. Besides, it should meet the determined requirements. For evaluation purpose, it needs discipline of main researcher which is adjusted to the general provision on the appendix of this manual (11 disciplines). Duration research for each period is 3 years and it is annually evaluated. The researcher can be halted if it is considered not being able accomplishing the target of the current year. 

To be able joining the research, proposer should fulfill the requirements below. 
  1. Researcher team consists of lecturers who have Masters program students under their advisory. The team consists of a chief and no more than 2 members coming form different disciplines who can be replaced on demand. The research can recruit lecturer from other university for one person only. It is prioritized for lecturer who has relevancy to the discipline and  administered subject.
  2. Team integration and cooperation is an obligatory.
  3. Track record of the researcher becomes main reference.
  4. The chief and member have Doctoral title, permanet lecturer of university, and advisor of Master Program student who recruited for this research (with epistle from Masters Program director)
  5. Researcher team is explained including the duty and time allocation. Biodata of chief, member and Master Program student are attached. It is prioritized of having relevant experience on the subject matter of research which is related to the research proposal 
  6. Master Program student is current student who has serial number legalized by epistle of Masters Program Director of the same university. In 3 years, there should be at least 4 students of Master Program and 2 students of Doctoral Program. For Graduate Program which has not Doctoral Program yet, in 3 years, it can be replaced by 6 people of Master Program. The first year proposal should include at least 2 Master Program students. Master Program student is allowed to be involved in between semester 1 and semester 3 for maximally 1 year. Doctoral Program student is allowed to be involved in between semester 1 and semester 5 which is maximally for 2 years
  7. Research proposal should have roadmap research or technology, not only a compilation of Master Program student's research with no interrelation each other.
  8. The maximum fund is Rp 90.000.000,00 /year 
  9. To have the second period of proposal, the researcher should has an experience of publishing the previous research at least on accredited national journal. To have the third period of proposal, the proposer should have experience of publishing the previous research on international journal. 
  10. The research halted before its deadline can be punished of not being allowed to have proposal to DP2M for 2 years consecutively. 
        Performance indicators which should be stated are (1) running as it is planned and there is already a concept for scientific article in the first year, (2) innovative invention, a number of Masters program students who finish study, and a number of article published on national accredited journal, international journal, and international seminar in the second year.

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