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Pekerti Grant Research 

       Through various programs of research guidance conducted by Ditjen Dikti (Depdiknas) and State Ministry of Research and Technology and various government's investment, there has been quite enough developing research centers or excellent researcher groups in many universities in Indonesia. Researcher group, laboratory, and the research centers have had capacity and conducive academic environment for developing and implementing research well. Meanwhile, there are still so many lecturers at many universities who relatively still need to improve skill in conducting qualified research.

        The good development of researcher group, laboratory, or research centers have not spread evenly to the universities in Indonesia. Besides, there is also difficulties in accessing good and complete research fascilities. Thus, the cooperation between universities in Indonesia still needs to be supported and improved so that there would be an optimal increase of synergy implementation. Therefore, started from 2003, Directorate General of Higher Education has launched Research Grant Program of Inter-universities Cooperation/Program Hibah Penelitian Kerjasama Antarperguruan Tinggi (Pekerti Grant).

        The objectives of Pekerti Grant is providing accomodation for lecturers/research groups whose research skill has just relatively new developed. Thus, they can utilize fascilities and skill, and adopt good research culture from the more developed researcher groups of other universities in performing qualified research. This program is to establish cooperation of inter-universities in Indonesia. Research discipline covers all science and technologies. Researcher group which is relatively new developed has role as proposer (later named Proposer and Researcher Team/Tim Peneliti Pengusul/TPP). Meanwhile, the more advanced researcher teams in other universities act as Partner Researcher Team/Tim Peneliti Mitra (TPM).

To get the grant, proposer should fulfill several requirements. 
  1. TPP consists of a chief and no more than 2 members. They should have Master title, not be students and not hold structural position, come from researcher group which relatively has just developed in skill and experience conducting research, and research fascilities which are relatively limited for the topic proposed. 
  2. TPM consist of a chief and a member; having Doctoral title; coming form researcher group, laboratory, or research center for example Pusat Riset Unggulan Nasional/Rusnas in universities with qualified research track record and publication (for instance Hibah Tim Penelitian Pascasarjana, international research, Riset Unggulan Kemitraan/RUK, Competitive Grant) which shows pioneering of the research proposal. TPM can come from universities abroad with minimum limitation 2 years after graduation if TPP studies at TPM's university.
  3. TPP and TPM are from different universities.
  4. Research topic is hoped to be able to be done and developed in TPP. 
  5. Research proposal is made for 2 years.
  6. The fee is maximal Rp. 75.000.000,00/year
       Research proposal is made together between TPP and TPM. The proposal should be approved in a form of statement signed by the Chief of TPM who states that the proposal is appropriate with the skill and TPM research. The condition and capacity of TPM laboratory is still possible to accomodate TPP during the research. 

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