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      Fundamental Research Activity (presviously it was called Basic Research/Penelitian Dasar) is intended as one of research guidance types which directs researcher to obtain scientific capital. It might does not have short term economic effect. This scientific capital is expected to be able being developed by the researcher of fundamental research or another researcher in applied research activities with short term economic effect. Thus, Fundamental Research orients to explanation. It even anticipate a phenomenon, principle, model, or new postulate which support a process, technology, healthy, etc. The success is not measured in the form of product in a short time, but in the form of scientific capital which underlies applied research. In fundamental research, there is a search for new method or new theory includes in the fundamental research.  

        Discussion of researchers in 2004 formulated criteria of Fundamental Research. The criteria are fundamental-oriented research and “research for science” with high originality. Fundamental research is basically needed by all the area of science so that it does not tied on the specific theme or top-down. Plurality and change on social and humanity fields are indigenous research field for Indonesian people, for example in values, culture, psychology, art, socio-biology, and socio-technology. Therefore, fundamental research can be approached through inter-discipline system. Besides, the topic is on researcher's creativity.
        The requirements for the proposer are having Doctoral title, or at least having chief of lecturer, having scientific publication track record, the team is maximum 3 people, and researcher do not have double position as chief of DP2M program in the same year. It is prioritized for lecturers who have relevance to the discipline and the  administered subject. The features of fundamental research compared to applied research are:
  • Fundamental research needs more than one year to fix the finding. Grant of the research can be proposed for 2 years. The proposal for the second year needs to be evaluated by the expert team in the last first year.
  • Researcher with adequate track record is needed in order to be able in explaining phenomenon or principle. 
  • This research is quality oriented. Thus, it does not belong to guidance research activity. This kind of research requires high originality ideas and creativity.  
  • The amount of fund of fundamental research proposal is maximum Rp 40.000.000,00/year.
  • The result of this research should become reference in national or international arena. Therefore, publication is the inportant outcome to fundamental research. The researcher should publish the result of the research on accredited national scientific journal. If it is possible, the result also needs to be published on international journal not more than a year after the research finish. Researcher who does not fulfill the requirements is not allowed to have DP2M funded proposal. 

       The process series of submitting proposal, the implementation, and the report of the research result are done in accordance with the determined format, i.e. procedures for research proposal, proposal evaluation, monitoring, and final report. 

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