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HKI and UBER-HKI 2009

University of Muhammadiyah Malang

    Intellectual property comes from human intellectual ability in the form of work on technology, science, art and literature. This work is produced through thought, creativity and sense which need energy, time, and cost to create new "product" with the activity base is on research or alike. The security of intellectual property needs to be followed up through a security system on intellectual property. Thus, recognition on Intellectual Property Right/Hak Kekayaan Intelektual (HKI) would be achieved. In broad outline, HKI consists of two parts, viz. copyright and industrial property right which consists of patent, industrial design, trademark, repression of unfair competition, layout design of integrated circuit, and trade secret.
       Referring to the interpretation, DP2M Ditjen Dikti through its duty and function has analyzed HKI potential of research result and community service from university teaching staffs. There was an indication that the result has potential invention value for both the researcher and the institution to be "sold" as possitive effect of reseach and community service activities. This potential was followed up through Potential Mainstay Program of Intellectual Property Right/Program Unggulan Berpotensi Hak Kekayaan Intelektual (UBER-HKI).

        UBER-HKI Program which has been started  in 1999/2000 can be obtained by all teaching staffs of university which has ever conducted or is conducting research and community service activities. The objective of UBER-HKI is to increase intellectual property protection by maximal cultivation on HKI potential, produced from research and community service activities which is running or had finished. UBER-HKI program is limited for patent and simple patent. Patent is an exclusive right given by the state to the inventor on technology invention who for a couple period of time conducting the research or who gives the agreement to other party to conduct the research.   
UBER-HKI program is devided into two types:  
a.  Aid on Patent Registration is for those who conduct research and community service and has finished the activity. Besides, it is ready to get the patent. Research and community service activities which become the base to the proposal are not time limited.   
b. Aid on Patent Potential Research is for those who conduct research and community service activities who have finished the activities in the previous year and are ready to get the patent, but they still need research and or community service activities addition so that the final result can be registered for the patent.  
        Program implementation fund depends on the chosen type of program. Maximum fund provided for the Aid on Patent Registration is maximum Rp 7.500.000,00 (seven million and five hundred thousand rupiahs). This fund is used for preparing patent drafting, fee, substantive cheking request, travel cost of patent registrationan and travel cost of substantive checking. Maximum fund for Aid on Patent Potential Research is Rp 20.000.000,00 (twenty million rupiahs) which is used to finish the research, prepare for patent drafting, cost on patent request, request on substantive checking, travel cost of patent registration, and travel cost of substantive checking registration.   

        The outcome of UBER-HKI program is Patent Proposal Document which has been registered to Directorate General of Intellectual Property Right attached with registration payment receipt and substantive checking payment receipt. Private university lecturer should have copies for local Kopertis. Aid on Patent Registration is managed by DP2M. Meanwhile, the registration for Aid on Patent Potential Research is made by the beneficiaries along with coodination with DP2M not more than one year after agreement signing.  

        To improve quality of patent proposal file, the chosen proposers would get training on patent drafting.  

Download this file HKI and UBER-HKI of 2009
                 Decree of HKI and UBER-HKI of 2009
                 Circular of HKI and UBER-HKI of 2009
                 Guideline of HKI and UBER-HKI of 2009
                 Determinaton of Winner Candidate of HKI and UBER-HKI of 2009


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