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University of Muhammadiyah Malang

     In accordance with Strategic Plan of National Education Department (RENSTRA) of 2005-2009 that Key Performance Indicator/Indikator Kinerja Kunci (IKK) of lecturer with Master/Doctoral qualification should be improved from year to year. So, it would reach up to 70%; scientific article publication on accredited journal increases from 20% to 30%; textbook writing by lecturers increases from 10% to 15% and the increase number of patent achievement is 30. Key Performance Indicator can be achieved only through hardwork, high commitment and concistency from all the university lecturers. 

       Currently, the research considered approaching perfection right from the approach method, analysis model, sampling model, and seriousness level in doing the research is Doctoral Program student's research. It can be said that students of Doctoral Program conduct the reseach systematically, intensively and continuously guided, and finally should be examined by the competent examiner team openly. Therefore, the research implementation can be considered accountable.

       Currently, Doctoral Program students in Indonesia are spreaded at various private and public universities with various disciplines starting from socio-humanities, exact science, geology, to applied science.

       To improve quality and competence of Doctoral Program graduates and the achievement of key indicator performance at once, research grant support given to Doctoral Program students is double function strategic program, i.e.: (1) producing competent and qualified Doctoral Program graduates and (2) achieving key indicator as it is attached on RENSTRA DEPDIKNAS 2005-2009.

       To support the achievement of the future goals, in the fiscal year of 2009, Directorat General of Higher Education alocates 1000 research grant titles for Doctoral Program students throughout Indonesia.

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