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100 Million Competitive Grant of Priority Strategic Research Batch II 

University of Muhammadiyah Malang

     Research activity of Competitive Grant of Priority Strategic Research is response of the declaration of 6 national strategic areas proclaimed by President of RI in 2008, which needs intensive research to overcome problems faced by Indonesians. The strategic plan is developed by DP2M into 10 research themes in order to accomodate various areas of disciplines at Indonesian universities.
     Research theme asserted strategic is a reseach which can overcome problems of society and nation in:
  1. Alleviation of poverty,
  2. Climate change, environment preservation, biodiversity,
  3. Renewable energy,
  4. Food security,
  5. Nutrient and tropical deseases,
  6. Mitigation and disaster management,
  7. Nation integration, and social harmony, including research on culture,
  8. Local autonomy and decentralization,
  9. Art and literature in suporting creative industry, and
  10. Infrastructure, transportation, and defense industry.
      This Priority Strategic Research Grant is different from another research scheme in three things, i.e.(1) theme is approriate with what has beed determined before, (2) the research orients more on applied research, and (3) university researcher team is sugested to cooperate with researcher from research and development agency and association under technical department, but using each team's fund. The program is held competitively and made for multi year proposal.
      Priority Strategic Research is conducted for 2-3 year per title. The maximun fund for a year is Rp 100.000.000,00. Only researcher team which can meet the tergetted outcome allowed to have second periode of proposal. As characteristic of applied research, the researcher's target outcomes are (1) process and product of science and technology in the form of method, blue print, prototype, system, policy and model, (2) Intellectual Property Right in the form of patent and others, (3) efficient technology which is directly usefull for community, (4) article on national or reputable international scientific publication, or (4) teaching material.
      In the selection process, if it is considered necessary, the proposer is invited to present the research proposal in front of the evaluator. Every year, researcher should present the work progress and the activity proposal (if any) in front of the discussant in Monitoring Seminar of Priority Strategic Research. A year after the research has been finished, the researcher will be selected and invited ti present the cummulative research result in front of national-level policy makers and other reserachers.
Administrative requirements cover:
The researcher team consists of the main resarcher and member
  1. All the researchers at least having Master title
  2. Biodata of the proposers reflect relevant track record with the research theme being proposed
  3. The maximum member is 3 people (it is prioritized of multidisciplines). Duty and role of each proposer are clearly outlined and agreed by the proposer. Researcher member composition is possible to change from time to time according to the research necessity
  4. It is maximum allowed as chief and/or member for 2 periods, except for the reseachers who succeed publishing the work on international journal, getting Intellectual property Right recognition, and creating efficient technology which can be directly used by the community. They can submit proposal for the next period
  5. Each period is only allowed to have 1 proposal for the same year; as chief and as member
  6. The main resercher cannot be on the same position on another research, but it is allowed to be a member
  7. The research implementation (including fund usage) should be documented in the form of  logbook which covers date, activities and result
  8. The main researcher who deputizes the member to present the research should give status of main researcher to the member who represents the main resarcher. The replacement is known by the research institution. The main substitute researcher should come from the same university.
  9. There would be a sanction for research halted before the time is over because of carelesness. The sanction is in the form of  restriction  to submit proposal to DP2M in 2 years consecutively or in the form of another sanction based on the carelesness
  10. After the research is finished, the researcher should present the result in national forum and publish it on international journal, or at least on accredited national journal. The research result should be published no later than the second year after the research is started.
                 The 1st stage of announcement for the recipient of Competitive Grant of National Priority Research Batch II


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