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Competence Grant 2009

University of Muhammadiyah Malang

        Essentially, the function of higher education is to develop dignified nature and civilization of a nation and perform Tri Darma: (1) in education through teaching, spreading, and implementing science, technology, art and/or sport and noble values to improve society's living standards; (2) in research, improving science, technology, arts, and/or sports and enrich culture to strenghten nation's competiviveness and identity; and (3) in community service, spurring modernization and manifestation of civil society based on the development or science, technology, arts, and/or sports and noble values of the nation. In performing Tri Drama Perguruan Tinggi as it is stated on laws, the role of the lecturer is very significantly strategic.

       Lecturer is a professional educator and scientist whose main jobs are transforming, developing, and spreading science, technology, and arts through education, research, and community service. As a professional staff, a lecturer is demanded to perform innovative and inventive efforts on the discipline under his/her responsibiliy. The innovative and inventive works are possible to achieve through a series of focused research activities or community service. Besides, it can be from feedback of research result application to the society. As the consequence of the professionalism, a lecturer should reach competence on the discipline under his/her responsibility.  

        Competence is a set of knowledge, skill, and attitude which should be owned, understood, and mastered by lecturer in performing main duties in the form of Tri Darma Perguruan Tinggi which includes (1) education, (2) research, and (3) community service. Thus, government is responsible to prepare research fund for university lecturers to maintain professionalism and stabilize competence on the discipline under his/her responsibility.  

         Mostly, teaching-learning process in higher education is based on research result. It will be better if the research is conducted by the lecturers themselves. Therefore, research result done by the lecturers must be informed, explained, and discussed between lecturer and students. So it will be the interesting topic for students. Thus, research activities and community service are inseparable with the education. Lecturer's duty is not only teach,  but also conduct research and do community service.

          Lecturer who conducts research and community service should be consistent with the discipline and/or administered subject under his/her responsibility. From the observation for 2 years, mostly lecturers have had researches on their disciplines, although there are still several lecturers who conducted researches outside the disciplines. From the research grants offered by DP2M in the form of competence research such as: Fundamental Research, Pekerti Grant, Competitive Grant, and Master Program Grant), in fact there were lecturers/resarchers who had shown their consistency to pursue and perform research of the disciplines. They were deserved to have adequate attention and appreciation, so that Directorate General of Higher Education thought of giving incentive and award to the consistent lecturers/researchers through a program called Competence Grant.  

          Through this grant, it is expected that they would be free to deepen, widen, and disseminate the work result. Specifically, through the grant, the researcher is expected to be always consistent so that the research program is complete and the researcher can be the best researcher in the discipline. The competence grant is also important to make government easier in identifying and mapping lecturer's/researcher's competence in Indonesia.  

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Competence Grant 2009
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