Research Programs

Science Basic Research

University of Muhammadiyah Malang
         It is an excellent research conducted because of the excellence of problem which is being and will be seized. The target is to obtain real product in the form of concept, model, technique, method, system, prototype and other works which can give direct real benefit to the society in particular and national development in general.

Enriching body of knowledge as the answer on the question "why".
  • Theme is free
  • Novelty element
  • Topic is based on researcher's creativity
  • Usually the result of the research is not ready for direct use.
  • All the permanent lecturers at University of Muhammadiyah Malang who have been completed their Master education
  • Having relevant track record of research
  • Having experience of publishing scientific work on journal
  • Team is maximum consisting of 3 researchers
  • Not becoming chief and researcher member of another UMM internal research program in the same semester and year
  • It is prioritized for lecturers who have relevant field of discipline and lecture subject they take.
Institution of the Proposer
All the Faculties/Departments/Study Programs at UMM.
Selection Method
  • Desk evaluation (proposal uploading, advising at least 5 proposals of other researchers).
  • Seminar of proposal
  • Re-uploading revised proposal
  • Reviewing proposal by the reviewer based on the discipline mandated by UMM rector
Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Monitoring by the monitor of the relevant discipline,
    • Research result seminar,
    • Evaluation by the assessor of the relevant discipline.
  • Scientific article for 1 year after finishing research (on the accredited journal)
  • Research report
  • Teaching materials which enrich lecture unit of lecturers
  • Research orientation:
    • mechanism
    • process
    • phenomena
  • Having potency of achieving Intellectual Property Right.
It is maximum of getting Rp 6 million,- per year

Research Time Allocation
Each research topic is minimally held for 1 year, maximally for 2 years or 4 semesters.

Proposal Admission
Based on the schedule of UMM research calendar.

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Research Programs


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