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Baruna Jaya Expedition

University of Muhammadiyah Malang

        Indonesia is the biggest islands maritime country in the world. Richness and diversity on marine life and ecosystem have made the ocean of archipelago as mega marine biodiversity with its sovereign territory from 92o EL to 141o EL and from 7o20’ NL to 14o SL. Besides, Indonesia also has big and small islands of approximately 17.508, coastline of 81.000 km, and  total area of marine waters 7,73 million km.

      From the facts explained above, it is very appropriate that Indonesia needs to develop program on marine potentials and insight knowledge. It will be an important meaning program for the government policy currently starts to make marine sector as national economy prime-mover. Nevertheles, the program should be greatly intended for the sake of national interest. One of them is to strenghten food security and marine resource exploration. Ability in utilizing Indonesian marine potentials depends not only on the availability and mastery of science and technology, but also on the marine insight owned by Indnesian people. 

      Starting from 2007, Directorate General of Higher Education has released marine program, but it still has less research aspect. However, marine research requires high cost and special fascilities. On the other hand, National Oceanography Institution/Lembaga Oseanografi Nasional (LON) has adequate ship and research fascilities. Thus, the utilization can be improved. To overcome the problem on high cost and fascilities are generally not owned by universities, starting from 2009 DP2M of Higher Education has developed marine research program for especially scientists who are interested in marine by having cooperation with LON-LIPI with the name of the program "Pengenalan Wawasan dan Potensi Kebaharian/Kelautan Melalui Ekspedisi Baruna Jaya"

        To be able in utilizing Indonesian marine potentials and understanding its dynamics and complexity, there will be a necessry to have sufficient exploration research support in order to get a comprehensive picture on characteristics of resources, services, and environment in the ocean
. Expedition of Baruna Jaya research ship is one of the activity forms to improve knowledge on marine as well as good understanding on resources, services, and marine environments.

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