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Textbook Writing Grant 2009

University of Muhammadiyah Malang

       Universities Textbook Writing Grant managed by Directorate of Research and Community Service is a program held since 2000. The program is opened for university lecturers who have had textbook script derived from their research from any disciplines, but it is not published yet.  

       There are many experienced Indonesian lecturers in conducting successful researches. Lecturers who paticipate in multi year research program such as Competitive Grant, Team Grant, and Integrated Excellent Research has known state of the art of their disciplines. The experience should have been used as basic capital to write textbook. However, it is unfortunate that there are less number of books written by lecturers compared to te number of lecturers in Indonesian universities.  

       In a preliminary survey in 1999 to explore interest of the lecturers in joining this program, it is known that there were 545 leturers stated they wanted to participate. Their scripts readiness were varied from 0 to 100%. In 2000, there were 21 winners, and in the years after for each was 20 grants.  

       This program does not pay for preparating or publicating textbook scripts, but providing amount of money to have improvement, consultation, copying final script, and grants for authors. DP2M expects that the authors will report and submit one exemplar of publication evidence if the funded script is published by commercial press. For the grant winners, the copyright is owned by the author. In addition, the royalty is owned by the author or institution where the author works. Royalty is something important to get in order to encourage a university having an autonomy. Furthermore, according to the newest promotion rules, credit point of textbook writing is quite interesting of any disciplines.

       The program is intended to encourage lecturers to keep researching and writing, especially in writing textbook. This kind of activity finally can enrich scientific insight in research and lecturing activities of a lecturer. For students, the textbook will be a means of learning and understanding science.

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Textbook Writing Grant 2009
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