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       In accordance with the policy of Direktorat  Jenderal  Pendidikan  Tinggi (Ditjen Dikti) which is stated in HELTS 2003-2010, this grant program is intended to encourage the realization of university which has quality and is managed autonomously in healthy organization environment, so it can produce the quality and high competent outsider. This grant program is expected to be able to empower university management to apply autonomy principles which are coincide with guarantee the existence of accountability.

        Ditjen  Dikti  has stated university funding strategy which is sistematically and step by step leads to block grant system which gives bigger autonomy to the university to manage and use that fund with bigger accountability demand to university. The block grant which is intended to be allocated is through competition scheme. 

        Since it was released for the first time on 1995, the implementation of compete funding concept has evolved over time. In the beginning of the implementation, the funding is led to the smallest unit in the university which holds study program. This choice is intended to make the improvement of quality can be monitored and measured more easily. Evaluation towards the result and the competitive grant program implementation which has been held to show that it is time to broaden program target until institutional level. 

        Based on the above consideration, so this competitive grant program will place university institutions not only as proposer unit and grant implementer, but also as the part who will be directly responsible on the implementation and the agenda program result that will be funded by the grant. If in the previous program of PHK the unit of grant receiver is resource unit that directly manages study program, in this program, the grant is given to university level. While the usage and management of program related to the funding which is given is handed over to university as the proposal that is proposed. This time, Ditjen  Dikti manages approximately 2.800 colleges in the form of University, Institution, high school,  Polytechnic, and academy both which is held by the government and society.They will be the target of this grant program. Recognizing the variety of shape and the maturity level of university institutions which exist, so this competition is designed in tiered-system.

        This program is aimed at enhancing of quality and relevancy of university to be a healthy, autonom, accountable, and it contributes to nation's competitiveness.  Next,  by paying attention on three pillars of development which are stated on strategic plan of Ditjen  Dikti,  and as continuity from the previous competitive grant program PHK  A-1,  A-2,  A-3  and  B),  so this program is specifically aimed to facilitate university to develop 3 (three) themes as follows.

A.  The enhancement of institutional capacity and university management quality.
B.  The enhancement of quality, relevancy and efficiency of study program.
C.  The development of university featured program.

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Institutional Based Competency Grant Program
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