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Research Incentive Program for Researcher and Engineer of LPD and LPND

University of Muhammadiyah Malang

        Recently, there are about 7000 researchers and engineers under the auspices of Institition of Department Research and Development/Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengembangan Departemen (LPD) and Non-Department Governmental Institution/Lembaga Pemerintah Non Departemen (LPND). A number of 1100 people are under the auspices of LIPI, 1600 people under the Department of Agriculture, 350 people under the Department of Health, and the rest spreads in other departments. It shows a high potency of researchers and engineers outside 150.000 lecturers in universities under the Department of National Education. This potency should be empowered to answer challenge of science and technology which support future development through sustainability research activities.

       Based on the main duties and functions, Ministry of Research and Technology especially has responsibility on research activities implementation in Department/Non-Department Research and Development, while Department of National Education is responsible for research activities in universities from quantity and quality aspects. LPD, LPND, and higher education perform both basic and applied researches to produce innovation of science and technology based on main duties and functions.

        There is a demand for support from researchers and engineers to improve nation's competitiveness and find solution for nation's problems. Therefore, it is not excessive if they are given greater change to be able producing creation and innovation through research activities and engineering. The natures of research are competitive and multi years, but they keep orients on the main duties and functions of the institution above them. 

      The support given in the form of research grant to the researchers and engineers is a strategic program which has double functions, i.e.: (1) improving nation competitiveness, (2) improving research outcome acquisition in the form of intellectual property right or scientific publication, or efficient technology/social engineering. Thus, on DIPA of Directorate General of Higher Education in 2009, there was a fund allocation for researchers and engineers in LPD and LPND. The research fund could only be used to conduct research/engineering which were appropriate with the each main duty and function and/or referred to National Research Agenda.


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Research Programs


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