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        University textbook Writing Incentive Program managed by Directorate of Research and Community Service/Direktorat Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (DP2M), Directorate General of Higher Education is an activity program held since 2000. The program is open for university lecturer who has had published textbook derived from research experience of any discipline.

       There are large number of experinced Indonesian lecturers in conducting succesful research. Lecturer who participates in multi year research program such as Competitive Research, Graduate Team Grant, National Strategic Grant, Competence Grant, and Integrated Excellent Research have known state of the art in the discipline of research. The experience should be used as authorized capital to write textbooks. However, it is unfortunate for there is still lack number of books written by lecturer compared to the number of university lecturer throughout Indoensia, i.e. 150 thousand people.

       In te fiscal year of 2006, DP2M released textbook writing program special for private university lecturers which was then opened for public university lecturers. The program does not provide fund for book preparation and publication, but provide an amount of incentive fund for writer who has had or published book. DP2M of Directorate General of Higher Education expects the writers to send an exemplar of book published by commercial or university press.

       Fo those who get the incentives, the copyright is owned by the author. In addition, the royalty is received by the author or the institution where the author works. Royalty is necessary to encourage auniversity to have autonomy. In addition, the textbook writing credit point is quite inteesting based on the new promotion rules of any discipline.

        The program is aimed to encourage lecturers to keep researching and writing, especially writing university textbook. This kind of activity finally will increase number of scientific publication and enrich scientific insight of research and teaching activity of a lecturer. For students, the book will be the means of learning and understanding science.

Download this file University Textbook Writing Incentive Program 2010
                  Circular of University Textbook Writing Incentive Program 2010
                  Guidelines of University Textbook Writing Incentive Program 2010



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