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      Rocket is one of strategic aerospace vehicles. A capability of a nation to develop and mastering rocket technology will be  respected by other countries. It is very responsible for rocket technology can be used for various purposes. Rocket can orbit satellite or specialized missions aerospace vehicles, for example military spy satellite, commercial communication satellite, climate monitor satellite, research satellite, outer space station, outer space telescope, and other outer space vehicles. With the outer space vehicles and the continuously development, data and any kind of information on earth will be easily obtained. Rocket is usually also developed as a weapon to improve security of a nation. The weapon is in the form of guided rocket or missile, right from the type of small rocket to very big inter continent missile. Thus, rocket technology development can increase authority and regional or international political power of a nation.  
       It is the time for Indonesia as a wide territory developing country to excellerate technology mastering in aerospace to support independence of a nation in another strategic sectors, for instance telecommunication, transportation, agriculture, and military. However, aerospace technology transfer is not easily given by the developed countries to developing countries which own aerospace technology. Therefore, Indonesia should be mastered immediately the independence in aerospace technology so that development of various sectors will soon be obtained.
       The step to independence of a nation is preparing excellent  expectant to be projected as experts. It can be started with introducing aerospace technology to academic world especially university students in order to attract their interest on aerospace technology. One way attracting student's interest on aerospace technology is through organizing rocket competition of Indonesian university students with RUM rocket. It is expected that through the education activities, the youth will be being motivated and spurred to participate in Indonesian rocket world.

Download this file Indonesian Rocket Competition [KORINDO] 2010
                   Letter of Acceptance of Proposal Indonesian Rocket Competition [KORINDO] 2010
                   Guidelines of Indonesian Rocket Competition [KORINDO] 2010


Research Programs


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