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      A university graduate is required to have academic knowledge, skill of thinking, management skill and communication skill. Deficiency on one of the four skills can lead to the decrease quality on graduate. Sinergy of the four will be reflected through the the skill in finding solution of problems and obstacles. The attitude and thought will be constructive realistic. It means creative (unique and beneficial). Besides, it is possible to be realized. Skill in thinking and creatively acting basically can be managed by all human beings, especially for those who are in higher education. Therefore, creativity is an integrative creation of three main factors owned by human, i.e.: mind, feeling, and skill. In the mind factor, there is magination, perception, and reason. Feeling factor consists of emotion, aesthetic, and harmonization. Meanwhile, skill factor consists of talent, physiology, and experience. Thus, in order to help university students reaching creative level, those three factors are managed to be optimal through an activity called Student Creativity Program/Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa (PKM).

     PKM is one of efforts from Directorate of Research and Community Service/Direktorat Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (DP2M), Directorate General of Higher Education in improving quality of students in higher education. Thus, they will be able to be society member with academic skill and/or professional feature. Besides, they will be able to implement, develop, and spread knowledge and science and technology and/or art, and enrich national culture. PKM is firstly held in 2001, after restructuring program in Directorate General of Higher Education environment. Education activity, research, and community service sa far are full of student active participation, integrated into a means named Student Creativity Program.

     PKM is developed to deliver students achieving creativity enlightment and innovation based on science and technology as well as high level of faith. In order to prepare to be intellectual leader, independent and wise entrepreneur, students are given an opportunity to implement their ability, skill, attitude, responsibility, to build teamwork and develop independent through creative activity of the chosen discipline. 

      Initially, there are known five types of activities offered through PKM, i.e. PKM-Penelitian (PKM-P), PKM-Penerapan Teknologi (PKM-T), PKM-Kewirausahaan (PKM-K), and PKM-Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (PKM-M) and PKM-Penulisan Ilmiah (PKM-I). Since January 2009, DP2M has been managing 6 PKMs. Student's Writing Competition/Kompetisi Karya Tulis Mahasiswa (KKTM) in which the management had been the duty of Directorate of Academic, now it has been delegated to DP2M. Because of the identical charecteristic with PKM-I, KKTM then is managed together with PKM-I in PKM-Karya Tulis (PKM-KT). Therefore, in PKM-KT there are two writing programs, i.e.: PKM-Artikel Ilmiah (PKM-AI) and PKM-Gagasan Tertulis (PKM-GT). PKM-I (the it is named PKM-AI) which is the article in the form of result of an activity is not presented in PIMNAS anymore. Nevertheless, it is placed on scientific journal. Meanwhile, PKM-GT which has a chance to be duscussed in the open forum is positioned as the substitute of PKM-AI in PIMNAS.

Download this file Student Creativity Program [PKM] 2010
                 Guidelines of Student Creativity Program [PKM] 2010 part 1
                              Student Creativitry Program [PKM] 2010 part 2 
                 Attachment of PKM Form 2010
                 Notification of Evaluation Result of PKM 2010
                 Attachement of the Notification Evaluation Result of Funded PKM 2010



Research Programs


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