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Research on Science and Technology Development

University of Muhammadiyah Malang

        It is a research conducted on the discipline of the interest and functionally appropriate with the study. So, the result of the research can help to develop and increase body of language. The scheme of the research is based on Research of Young Lecturer/Penelitian Dosen Muda (PDM) in DIKTI.

Developing science, technology and art
The theme is free, appropriate with the discipline. It should be the researcher's intention focus (suggested to be relevant to the subject administered by the researcher).
  • All the permanent lecturers of University of Muhammadiyah Malang who have not had Doctoral title
  • A researcher is allowed to be chief or member for one title of research. In other world, a researcher cannot be both chief and member of another UMM internal research on the same semester and year
  • Team composition is maximum 2 members.
Proposer's Institution
All the faculties/departments/study programs at UMM
Selection Method
  • Desk evaluation (proposal uploading, proposal advicing for at least 5 proposals of other research)
  • Seminar of proposal
  • Re-uploading revised proposal
  • Reviewing proposal by reviewer of the relevant discipline mandated by UMM Rector
Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Monitoring by assessor of the relevant discipline,
  • Research result seminar,
  • Evaluation of research result by assessor of relevant discipline.
  • Scientific article draft
  • Research report
  • Research proposal to be proposed to the higher-leveled program which is related to the previous research
  • Potency of Intellectual Property Right.
  • The fee is maximum Rp 4 million per year (adjusted to the need)
  • There is no honorary fee for researcher.
Research Time Allocation
It is maximum 1 year.
Proposal Admission
It is based on the schedule of UMM research calendar.

At UMM, this type of research is accomodated in the field and cluster science consortium, among others:

Education Science Cluster consists of the departments below:
Tarbiyah/Religious Education
• Indonesian Language and Culture
• English
• Civic Law
• Mathematics and Computation
• Biology

Law Science Cluster consists of departments:
Syariah / Islamic Law
• Law

Agriculture Science Cluster consists of departments:
• Cattle Production
• Agriculture Cultivation
• Fisheries
• Forestry

Food Science Cluster consists of departments:
• Processing Technology of Agricultural Product
• Technology of Animal Husbandry Industry

Economy and Industry Science Cluster consists of depertments:
• Management
• Accounting
• Agribusiness
• Industrial Engineering
• Master of Management

Psychology and Health Science Cluster consists of depertments:
• Psychology
• Medical Education
• Nursery
• Pharmacy

Engineering Science Cluster consists of departments:
• Mechanical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Informatics Engineering

Social and Political Science Cluster consists of departments:
• Social Welfare
• Master of Sociology
• Sociology
• Communications
• International Relation
• Socio-economics of Agriculture

Special Requirements:
  1. Science and technology development research proposal should be adjusted to the science cluster of the researcher's discipline, for example, researcher from education departments, etc.
  2. To support effectivity so that it will be appropriate with the objectives of this type of research, proposal and result seminar of the research are held in group based on science cluster or at least relevant to the research.
  3. Approval on the research proposal is based on recommendation from reviewer team suggested by the faculties and departments, strengthen by the Rector's epistle.
  4. For the impermanent lecturer proposer,  the proposal is submitted once a year, and it is submitted on odd semester of academic year.

Download : File ini Penelitian Pengembanga IPTEKS [PPI]



Research Programs


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