Research Programs

Institutional Research Intensive Program Conducted by Students

University of Muhammadiyah Malang

        Research Institute provides DPP fund allocation as the insentive for students who conduct research to finish their study through taking object of Muhammadiyah organization, its charitable businesses, or autonomous organization at every levels. The management institute, the amount of incentive, and the manual related to the research is decided through Rector's Decree. The incentive program is competitive. In addition, the amount of allocated fund is based on the research proposal qualification and the fund availability. 
Finding work through research on the each field of profession. Creativity in finding ideas, the appropriate research method, and contribution in the form of information for the sake of science development become the main consideration..
The theme is free, appropriate with the discipline and researcher's interest. Besides, it should be related to Muhammadiyah and autonomous organization at every levels and Muhammadiyah Charitable Business.
  • All current UMM students who is on their final task,
  • A student is allowed as chief or member at one research title only,
  • Composition of researcher team is maximum 2 members,
Proposer's Institution
All faculties/departments/study program at UMM
Proposer Partner
There should be an advisor lecture
Selection Method
  • Desk evaluation (uploading proposal, advising at least 5 proposals of other reserachers)
  • Seminar proposal
  • Re-upload proposal hasil revisi
  • Review proposal oleh reviewer sesuai bidang ilmu yang ditugaskan oleh Rektor UMM
Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Monitoring by monitor ot the relevant discipline,
  • Seminar of research result,
  • Evaluation of research report by the assessor of the relevant discipline.
  • Scientific article draft,
  • Research report,
  • Potency of Intellectual Property Right
It is maximum Rp 500.000,- per semester (based on the need)
Research Time Allocation
It is maximum for 1 semester
Proposal Submission
It is based on the schedule of UMM research calendar

Download : File ini Program Insentif Penelitian Institusional oleh Mahasiswa [PIPIM]



Research Programs


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