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Young Lecturer's Research and Women Studies

      This program is for research guidance activity which lead and guide researcher candidates to get skill and sensitivity to conduct research. Program scope is researches previously accomodated in Various Disciplines Research/Penelitian Berbagai Bidang Ilmu (BBI) which covers 13 consortium of higher education i.e. health, law, socio-humanism, agriculture, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, education, engineering, economy, sports, religion, literature-philosophy, psychology, and arts. Women studies belong to Young Lecture's research. Its specifications are on role and participation of women in various sectors of development. Besides, it is on effort to improve women's welfare and status as equal partners of men and gender mainstreaming.

       This research is for lecturer who have not got Doctoral title and have not served as Chief Lecturer/Lektor Kepala. SKW is specially allowed as long as not coming from women studies. Proposal of research fund is maximum for Rp10.000.000,00, only. It is not for honorary matter. Maximum limit is 1 year. After finishing the research, the researchers must submit research result report, scientific article draft and research proposal of higher level program (for example, from Ditjen Dikti: Competitive Grants, Pekerti Grant; or other institutions).

       The process series of proposal, execution, and report are regulated in accordance with procedure and format which have been decided, i.e. Research Proposal Procedure, Proposal Evaluation,Monitoring, and Final Report. Several previous reseach proposal titles of Young Lecture's Research and Women Studies are given as examples.

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                    Guidelines of Young Lecturer's Research and Women Studies


Research Programs


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