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Competitive Grant Research
      Research activity of competitive grant is done as one of the competitive research model. It belongs to the group of independent research which is directed to create innovation and science and technology development. The Competitive Grant Research is for productive lecturer. The research time allocation is 2-3 years. Meanwhile, there is maximum fund of Rp.50.000.000,00. every year. It is maximum conducted for 2 periods, except for researcher who has succeeded publishing work on international journal and or achieving Intellectual property Right recognition (patent or others).
      In the selection process, the proposer can be invited to present the research proposal in front of the reviewers if it is considered being necessary. Every year, researcher should present the progress of the work and activity proposal (if any) in front of the panelist on the Seminar of Competitive Grant Monitoring. After a year and the research has been conducted completely, the reseacher will be selected and invited to present the result of the cumulative research in front of the national policy makers and other reserchers.
Administration requirements cover:
  1. The researcher team consist of main researcher and member
  2. The main researcher at least has Master Degree title 
  3. If the main reseacher is absent, the substitute has at least Master Degree title and come from same univeristy
  4. Biodata of the proposer reflects relevant track record with the proposed research
  5. Maximum member is 3 (prioritized consisting of multidisciplines). Duty and role of every researchers are explained clearly and approved by them. Composition of research member can change from time to time based on the research need
  6. For student proposer, the proposer institution is the host university of the student
  7. It is maximally allowed only for twice as chief and/or member. For the researcher who has published work on international journal and got Intellectual Property Right, it is allowed to write research proposal for the next period
  8. Each proposer is allowed to have one research proposal at the same year, right as a chief or member
  9. The chief of the researcher does not become main researcher or even member on other research funded by Dikti at the same year
  10. Research implementation (including fund usage) should be documented in the form of logbook whcih covers date, activity, and result
  11. The main researcher who deputisizes the member to have presentation should give the status of main researcher to the member. It is also should be known by the research institution. The subtitute of the main researcher should come from the same university as the main researcher
  12. Researcher who is dismissed before the time is out because of the carelessness is punished of not allowing to have proposal to DP2M for 2 years consecutively.
       After finishing the research, the researcher should present the result of the research in national forum and publish it on international journal or at least on accredited national journal. The result of the research should be published no latest than in the second year since the research is started. Another products hoped from this program are: 
  1. Process and Product of Science and Technologies (method, blue print, prototype, system, policy or model),
  2. Intellectual Property Right,
  3. Teaching Material,
  4. Efficient technologies,
  5. Research report.
Download this file Competitive Grant Research/Penelitian Hibah Bersaing [PHB]
                 Guidelines of Competitive Grant Research

Research Programs


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