Matching Fund Allocates 2.6 Billion to Help UMM Meet Community Needs

Friday, August 25, 2023 22:27 WIB   Direktorat Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang

Matching Fund Allocates 2.6 Billion to Help UMM Meet Community Needs

MALANG – Matching Fund Allocates 2.6 Billion to Help UMM Meet Community Needs. Changes in mindsets and systems have recently occurred significantly, providing shortcuts in a fast-paced era. For example, the ease of the cooperation system between universities and their commercialization partners. Moreover, the 'Kedaireka' platform acts as a solution so that the collaboration process can run well and move faster. 

The emergence of the platform created by the vision of Nadiem Makarim as Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemendikbud RI) and Nizam as Director General of Higher Education, presents the Matching Fund program to realize synergistic intensification. Right in 2023, the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) will feel the benefits of this program. A total of seven collaborations between UMM and its commercial partners were successfully established.


Boost Economic Transformation

The 'Kedaireka' platform itself was actually formed from the existence of the Independent Campus. Providing opportunities for lecturers at Indonesian universities to produce work that is solution and innovative. Of course, this aims to meet the needs and challenges of the wider community.

Of the seven collaborations that UMM has established with its partners, each has its own research priorities. Among them, namely the green economy, blue economy, general non-thematic, and digital economy. This is based on optimism for Indonesia's economic transformation to be even better.

Research and innovation plans to meet community needs have apparently been designed since 2022. However, this will only be realized in 2023. The allocation of funds for seven research projects conducted by UMM lecturers is not half-hearted. Funding of 2.6 billion rupiah was obtained from the Matching Fund to support this research.

Producing interesting innovations to meet the challenges of wider society. In this case, UMM is focused on developing the Business and Industrial World (DUDI). Thus, utilizing the expertise of UMM lecturers together with empowering the potential of the surrounding community is very necessary.

Of course, the aim of empowering community potential is to improve the welfare of the community itself. Apart from that, this form of partnership can also improve the quality of services in the public sector. So, collaboration between UMM and commercial partners can run well and provide benefits for both parties.

Through the Matching Fund program, UMM's need to equip its research centers is increased. It is also balanced with technology that supports the research process. So, downstreaming can be carried out efficiently. 

Innovation Development

The results of the seven collaborations that UMM has established include two major Matching Fund schemes. Such as cocoa products that are processed according to standards, the result of collaboration between the Food Technology Study Program and PT. Indonesian Cocoa Innovation. Following other study programs, collaboration between the Biology Education Study Program and aKancaTani developed local jack beans for food needs. 

No less, the Agribusiness Study Program also shows its existence. As a result of collaboration with the Kediri Regency Agriculture and Plantation Service, pineapple seed production has been developed using in vitro and ex vitro techniques with the prokar and pronas formulas. Furthermore, the development of local koi fish food products was the result of collaboration between the Aquaculture Study Program and CV. Indokoi Malang.

The development of smart solar to monitor the energy quality of solar power plants by the Electrical Engineering Study Program and Jayatama Adi Sentosa. Then, the Informatics Study Program with PT. Novo Indonesia Learn to develop an Audio Speech Recognition (ASR) model through the Koran recitation application. Meanwhile, liquid organic fertilizer for environmentally friendly agriculture is the result of collaboration between the Agricultural Science Study Program and the Anugerah Agro Lestari Cooperative.

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