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Competitive Grant of National Strategic Mainstay Research

University of Muhammadiyah Malang
      Challenge faced by Indonesian people nowdays is how to improve contribution on science and technology in order to increase capability in filling the nation's livehood; creating peace; fulfilling basic needs, energy, and foods; strengthening synergy of science and technology policy with other sector's policy; developing science and technology culture in society; increasing nation's commitment on science and technology development; coping with degradation on environment's function; anticipating and preventing natural disaster; and increasing availability and quality of science and technology such as human resource, fascilities and infrastructures, and science and technology funding.

         There were many researches, but they were considered to be partial and sporadic. So, it needs an effort to  have an integration. Thus, the problem solving would be more focused, comprehensive, more efficient right from the time and resource (cost). Study field prioritized in scheme of National Strategic Mainstay Research are (1) Development of oil palm, gambier, and cocoa; (2) Maritim/marine, (3) Defense and security, (4) pharmacy/health, and (5) information technology. Industrialization in study field funded through the grant would be soon materialized. The research scheme is the continued activity or finishing touch for the previous related researches or research being done.

         Competitive Grant Research of National Strategic Mainstay Research is developed through consideration: (1) There are still many sectors of strategic production which has not developed because the weakness of mastery and linkages of various field of technology; (2) Besides, related technology in strategic sector has experienced rapid progress, so that there is a necessity to have extensive effort to master the technology development; (3) There is a need of comprehensive effort to map technology roadmap related to the strategic production sector development and the implement it in production activities.

          Competitive Grant Program of National Strategic Mainstay Research is released by Ditjen DIKTI to fascilitate those things above. This program is related with Technology Supply Chains. Besides, this program should have orientation on specific production activities. Thus, the technology which would be mastered, developed, and mapped in the form of roadmap should have tight relationship with technology of product and technology of production process related to the strategic sector.

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Competitive Grant of National Strategic Mainstay Research
                Letter of Competitive Grant of National Strategic Mainstay Research
                Guidelines of Competitive Grant of National Strategic Mainstay Research


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